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Broadband Satellite Services

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Broadband Satellite Services

The AMOS satellite fleet is ideally suited to support telecommunications carriers and broadband service providers who offer high speed voice, data and video transmission, in their expansion into new territories as it provides Pan-European, Pan-African, Middle Eastern, Russian and Asian high throughput coverage with cross region connectivity.
The AMOS satellite platform provides the highest bit-rate for two-way communications, by delivering superior G/T and EIRP over a wide coverage area. This high throughput, dependable and secure broadband satellite service positions AMOS as the ideal platform for delivering high speed transmissions to remote locations, where terrestrial communications infrastructure is lacking and terminals are limited.
Supporting a wide range of applications where deploying a terrestrial network is not cost-effective or service deployment is time-critical, the AMOS broadband satellite service range can be tailored to:

  • National and private telecommunications carriers looking to provide high performance services in areas lacking in terrestrial infrastructures
  • VSAT service providers looking to deliver a robust, congestion-free broadband service, and position themselves as an end-to-end service provider
  • Satellite Internet Service Providers (ISPs) looking to benefit from quality bandwidth for IP backbone connectivity
  • Direct-To-Home (DTH) TV providers looking to complement their broadcast offering by adding two-way broadband connectivity to customers in remote locations
  • Private enterprise networks, Government entities, mobile operators and triple-play providers looking to deploy a vast array of cost-effective and reliable internet services

Satellite Broadband Service Portfolio
Utilizing the advanced AMOS satellite platform, Spacecom’s team of experts creates tailored ad-hock or turnkey solutions for delivering a vast array of cost-effective and reliable internet services.

These include:

  • High speed two-way internet services
  • Broadband internet access
  • B2B and B2C services
  • Flexible point-to-multipoint streaming solutions
  • Internet backbone, providing congestion-free IP Trunking
  • On-demand services